Nanuk Asset Management was established in 2009 to develop world-leading expertise in the investment opportunities and risks associated with environmental sustainability and resource use efficiency.

Our focus is global and we invest in listed companies associated with the broad themes of clean energy, energy efficiency, industrial efficiency, waste management, pollution control, food & agriculture, advanced & sustainable materials, water and healthcare technology.

We are active, fundamental investors with a valuation based and research driven investment approach. Our portfolios are sustainably-themed and we incorporate positive and negative screening, ESG factors and values-based norms into our decision-making process.

Nanuk is an independent firm, privately owned by its founders and staff located in Sydney, London and New York.  We are committed to investing sustainably and managing responsibly on behalf of our clients.  



Nanuk believes that resource constraints and environmental challenges like climate change, pollution and water scarcity necessitate significant changes to business practices globally and that these changes will present significant long-term investment opportunities and risks.  Large parts of the global economy are already undergoing such transitions in industries such as clean energy, energy efficiency, industrial efficiency, water and waste management.

Nanuk believes that specialist active focus can be applied to investing successfully in these industries, which are often influenced by the complex interaction of government policy, new technology and changing industry structure, and which generally demonstrate higher volatility and inefficiency when compared with the broader equity market.

Nanuk acknowledges that “winning” products and technologies do not necessarily translate into successful businesses, nor indeed into good investments.  Our research is thus directed towards developing a deep understanding of individual companies and industry dynamics.  We combine this with robust valuation frameworks to identify good quality businesses that are both benefiting from evolving industry trends and have attractive return potential.



Nanuk’s commitment to managing responsibly is grounded in the firm’s Statement of Values which emphasizes the cultural and business principles by which the firm stands.

Trust and Integrity are the foundation of all of our actions.

Responsibility is first and foremost to our clients who have entrusted us with their capital, and also in positively contributing towards a more sustainable world for future generations.

Transparency and Clarity are central to our relationships with our clients and the way we work within our firm.

Open-mindedness and Independence of thought, combined with analytical rigor, are critical in developing and applying our investment insights.

Respect for others and Diversity of opinion allows us to challenge and sharpen our perspective, helping us to make the best decisions and achieve the best outcomes.

Collaboration and Teamwork are central to how our investment ideas are formed and translated into investment actions.

Our Passion for investing and our pursuit of Excellence compels us towards the achievement of long-term investment success for our clients.


Investment Risk & Oversight Group

  • Paul Chadwick

    Paul Chadwick

    Mr Chadwick was most recently head of GMO Australasia where he had overall responsibility for GMO’s Australian and Singapore operations as well as being head of systematic global macro strategies.
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  • Tim Ryan

    Tim Ryan

    Mr Ryan is a director and Chairman of the Investment Committee at Nanuk and Chairman of Orion Asset Management. He founded Orion in 2002 and has over 36 years professional investment industry experience.
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  • Ivan Wheen

    Ivan Wheen

    Mr Wheen has most recently managed a small family office following his retirement in 1996 after a long career at Bankers Trust. At Bankers Trust, his final role was Head of Global Investment Management based in New York.
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Investment Team

  • Tom King

    Thomas King OAM

    Mr King has a background in equity funds management, investment banking and private equity. From 2006 to 2009 he held the position of investment manager at Consolidated Press Holdings Limited, where he was involved in the management and execution of a large portfolio of direct investments.
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  • Binya Even

    Binya Even

    Mr Even was most recently an analyst with Hawker Capital, a UK investment manager responsible for a long/short fund investing in commodity futures and listed equities in the resources sector.
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  • Tristan Patience

    Tristan Patience

    Mr Patience has a background of over ten years in equity funds management and was most recently a Portfolio Manager at Orion Asset Management. From 2008 to 2013 at Orion he was a portfolio manager for long only Australian equities portfolios and also an Asia Pacific focused hedge fund with a global mandate.
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  • Jane Henderson

    Jane Henderson

    Ms Henderson has over 30 years experience as an investment analyst and portfolio manager in global and Australian equity markets.
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  • Xander Wheen

    Xander Wheen

    Mr Wheen was most recently an associate with BlueMountain Capital Management, a multi-strategy investment manager based in New York.
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Distribution & Business Management Team

  • Dan Powell

    Dan Powell

    ​Mr Powell is an experienced Distribution leader in Financial Services across retail to institutional markets, covering sales, marketing, strategy, product development and web-based services in Investment Management, Employer Super, Life Insurance, Platforms, PCA’s and IFA’s.
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  • Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson

    ​Greg has over 30 years experience in Financial Services in client service and Institutional sales. Before joining Nanuk he had spent time leading teams at respected organisations including Credit Suisse, Macquarie and Dimensional
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  • Melanie De Cressac

    Melanie De Cressac

    Ms De Cressac has more than 20 years experience in the financial markets, most recently with ABN AMRO where she had business management responsibility for the proprietary trading division, covering all market products including equities, FX, fixed income, credit, derivatives and commodities.
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  • Nicole Hough

    Nicole Hough

    Nicole Hough has a background in Operations Management over 20 years experience across both Funds Management and Broking.
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